Southern California -- One of the USA's busiest International Trade Centers

Los Angeles International Airport is the key transportation center for one of the world's most dynamic economies. The greater Los Angeles region's international trade is valued at $200 billion, with LAX alone responsible for more than $68 billion in exports and imports.

Greater Los Angeles accounts for nearly half of the economy of California and a majority of the state's multi-billion dollars in international trade.

Many of the state's largest industrial companies headquartered in the state are located in the greater Los Angeles area. The area is a leading high-technology center for the nation in entertainment, electronics, biomedical, computers, and aerospace industries.

United Airlines opened an 180,000 square foot cargo building in 2002. This main cargo moving and transportation facility at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) is completely automated. The direct digital control system maintains constant strict environmental controls in a facility that continuously exhaust a large amount of both jet exhaust from the large aircraft parked at the facility and also the tremendous amount of diesel exhaust produced by the huge fleet of big rig trucks that deliver and pickup the never ending shipments coming and going to Southern California.