Bridger Control Systems was originally founded in 1991 to serve Southern California’s vibrant and cutting-edge aerospace companies. Our primary focus was in the design, manufacture and installation of turn key Direct Digital Control Systems that would provide our customers with highly reliable and efficient operation of the manufacture and production of high tech aircraft and satellite systems.

Many of our original installations were in clean room applications where very tight tolerances were required for the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and defense related hardware.

Since our thirtieth anniversary we have evolved to provide both large plant wide DDC (Direct Digital Control) and EMS/BMS – Energy Management and Building Management systems and smaller individualized machine level PLC (Programmable Logic Control) process control systems which serve a variety of industries.

Our computer control systems are embedded in the facilities that manufacture the world’s largest and most technically advanced satellites and also in production lines where some of the country’s smallest but most recognizable candy products are manufactured.

Additionally, we serve the health care, international transportation, education and hotel industries. – Microprocessor based operations and control systems now span the entire world of modern industrial, commercial and public sectors of our economies.

Bridger Control Systems specializes in custom design/build engineering solutions to our customers custom application requirements.