Brach’s Candy

Brach’s Candy is a member of the Ferrara USA family.

We automated their sweets production line and made their operation much more streamlined and profitable in the process.

Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk, Connecticut

Few people realize just how much it takes to keep all the marine life in a big aquarium thriving – but at Bridger we’ve analyzed it in detail, and used our knowledge to help the Maritime Aquarium with critical life support systems for both sea and land exhibits.

United Airlines Cargo

United Airlines is a global heavyweight in passenger and cargo transport.

When United wanted to automate their cargo handling at LAX, they turned to Bridger for help. We designed a complete system for them…


West coast switching facility power monitoring, BMS and central plant automation systems.

DirecTV dish array
DirecTV is a company in the AT&T group. They supply satellite-based TV and depend on reliable power supply to keep their customers happy. We have secured their west coast switching facility, deploying both power monitoring, BMS and central plant automation.