Sunnycrest Animal Care Center


The veterinary hospital received the following Design for Excellence awards for it’s construction :


  • - Southern California Edison Design for Excellence Awards
  • - National Energy Commission Design Award


The Direct Digital Control System in combination with the specialized mechanical and electrical systems for the hospital were recognized for their state of the art efficiency and operational effectiveness.


Computerized controls keep surgical areas clean, boarding areas dry, well ventilated and germ free.   The office, reception and administrative areas all are monitored and scheduled to provide and comfortable working environment.


The system was designed to take advantage of highly efficient electrical and mechanical designs by maximizing equipment efficiencies and minimizing the use of commercial power and fossil fuels. By running the main chiller and utililizing a special ethyl glycol solution to freeze a large storage tank in the evenings, the system takes advantage of the lower kilowatt/hr cost charges. The frozen tank then discharges to keep the hospital cool during the day when the KW/hr costs are the highests.