Building 637A
F22 and Stealth Fighter Manufacturing Facilties

The Palmdale Skunkword facilitiy was originally built in 1989, in 2003 it is undergoing a major renovation to help support the joint strike fighter production.

Process Controls: Over 30 fabrication tanks filled with a variety of chemical treatment and process liquids for metal production. All mixtures controlled to exacting specifications.  The Process Control System also measures and maintains highly accurate pressure envelopes between the production and painting areas, keeping caustic fumes away from human contact while providing laminar air flows across the manufactured airfoil surfaces to ensure the material applications to the flight hardware is applied according to the highly demanding production specifications.

Environmental Controls: Class 10,000 clean rooms, Temperature controls to +/- .5 degrees F. Humidity controls to +/- 5% RH. Strict monitoring of building envelopes and exhausts to keep the buildings reputation as the world’s first completely pollution free facility intact.