Los Angeles Broadcast Center and Bakersfield Broadcast Center

The Los Angeles Broadcast Center is one of the most technologically sophisticated in the world. Located in the Marina del Rey area of Los Angeles, just minutes from the Pacific Ocean, this facility works in tandem with the Castle Rock Broadcast Center in Colorado to deliver exciting programming via the satellite fleet and into DIRECTV customers' homes across America.


Bridger Control Systems installed the DDC (direct digital control)system which incorporates state of the art microprocessor based hardware for controlling and monitoring the entire building power, control, HVAC, emergency generator systems.


The critical nature of this facility requires 100% operational integrity regardless of potential power interruption for the utilities or from failure of any single critical piece of equipment.


Storm systems or thick cloudy skies can instantly require the power requirements for the uplink equipment to vary wildly from minute to minute. The increased power requirements and corresponding heat load generations must be seamlessly handled by the DDC system.


Originally installed as a design build project by Bridger Control Systems, we are presently in the process of a major upgrade to the facility that will incorporate increasing the emergency power and cooling capabilities by almost 80%.