Boeing Satellite Systems

                                                              Satellite Manufacturing And Testing Facility

The El Segundo facility consists of over 1,000,000 square feet of manufacturing, testing and support buildings.

Process Controls: Process controls for delivery and monitoring of liquid nitrogen and high temperature heating for satellite testing and manufacturing. Specialized controls for Helium compressors to deliver exact quantities of test gases.

Environmental Controls: Class 10,000 clean rooms, Temperature controls to +/- .5 degrees F. Humidity controls to +/- 5% RH. Strict velocity and pressure regulation between building envelopes required for high product yield.

Fabrication Controls: Building and manufacturing separation via complete automation of overhead door and egress points. Compressed air delivery and production system monitoring systems. Over 10,000 tons of chiller capacity for multiple fabrication and office facilities. 24/7 alarm notification for equipment or conditions failure.


Boeing's Satellite Development Center is the world's leading manufacturer of geostationary satellites. The factory, headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., is a unit of Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems. Boeing manufactures the body-stabilized Boeing 601 satellite and the body-stabilized Boeing 702, the world's most powerful communications satellite, two lines of satellites designed to support mobile communications, and a series of global positioning satellites and military communications satellites. At any given time more than a dozen of these powerful spacecraft are in varying stages of production.