AT&T West Coast Switching Center
The majority of undersea cables from Asia and the Orient arrive in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria, California.  Additionally, the major switching centers are in Oxnard and Sherman Oaks.  New Jersey based corporation CommTech selected us to design and build their first major installation on the west coast.   Dubbed BECAS, it now is the industry standard for all AT&T building control operations.

 The major feature of this system is a “self-healing” network that automatically re-routes data and communications packets around any part of the system that is damaged or interrupted.  This allows control signals to automatically find new pathways in the event the primary communications bus is compromised.   AT&T has adopted the N+1 design specification which requires that every piece of critical equipment have at least one complete redundant backup system in place so that a seamless transition can occur between a compromised system and the backup.  

In the critical business of telecommunications – both wireless and hardwired, downtime is no longer acceptable and Bridger Control Systems make sure customers are on-line all the time.